One of the customers of IBEDC in osogbo has reacted to the statement issued by one of the IBEDC staffs, S.B. Fadare, on the decision made by the authority of the electricity distribution company by making sure that life is unbearable for people living in areas like Kelebe, Oke-Odo, Testing Ground, Kolabalogun, Orita Sabo, Ayetoro and some areas at Oke-Baale.

The woman in her statement said “IBEDC has said something they shouldn’t have said or done, why will you be punishing some of your bad customers at the expense of other good ones, that is unfair. You are making sure there is no steady light and you print out bills at the end of every months, and you mandate people to pay, if they don’t, your senseless staffs will be threatening to disconnect their electricity, is that not corruption”.

The woman further said that if that is the case, then IBEDC should be ready for war, a serious one, because, why will I be paying for electricity without using it. You collect money from people without satisfying them through you service delivery, God doesn’t support that, that is very bad.

In his statement, Rabiu Olalekan said “the location of that man that call himself Fadare is being look for, once the location of where he lives, where he usually go to, have been gotten, we will make sure that life is unbearable for him too, and they should get ready in that office too, we are coming for them all”.

In his own statement, an old man who is in his late 80, Mr. Ajisafe, stated that “the decision of the IBEDC is nothing to write home about, especially in this heat period, everywhere is hot, from morning till night, I take my bath 3 times before day break, the heat is too much. If that is what the authority said, then they should quickly rethink, because it is not easy to get money these days, I pay my electricity bills from the little stipend I’m getting from my children monthly, imagine paying my bills without hesitating, nothing stops IBEDC from satisfying me as their customers by making sure I get steady light, I advise them to have a rethink on time”.