“My Fellow Victim was Killed and they butchered her body” – Lady Rescued from Ritual killers

A woman who was rescued from the den of ritual killers by men of the Rivers State Command of the Nigeria Police has narrated blood chilling events that transpired during her time in the den of the ritual killers.

The woman who just regained her freedom gave a chilling account on how one of her fellow victims was shot and killed by the ritual killers for ritual purposes.

The woman who identified herself as Precious told reporters that when she was abducted, she had thought she was kidnapped for the purpose of obtaining ransom for her freedom, the killing of her fellow victim however cleared the air as she realised she was in a den of ritual killers.

Precious also revealed that she saw a lot of people including children in the ritual killers den; many of them killed as they begged for mercy which fell on deaf ears.

She further disclosed that after one of the persons was killed, one of the ritual killers placed a call to someone he called “Alhaji”, telling him that some of the parts were ready as the killed victim was being butchered and dismembered.

According to the rescued victim, “There was confusion among them when they noticed that some security agents were trailing them inside the forest. They (ritual killers) had earlier told us that they sell human parts and not just kidnappers and I noticed it. I saw the other lady that was with us being shot and they started butchering her body while some were calling one Alhaji on the phone, telling him that some parts were ready.”

“It was the police raid in some of their camps that made the kidnappers to be afraid. The kidnappers, out of fear, took us to another place and in the process, they started arguing and fighting one another. That was how I managed to escape,” the still visibly frightened precious stated as she narrated her ordeal.

She further narrated how she was kidnapped saying, she had been returning from a church service after which she attended the dedication of a child; she then boarded a bus and headed for home but she never got home.

According to her she was unaware she had entered a bus filled with ritual killers because the bus looked normal; they were four women and three men in the bus so she felt it was safe.

“When a bus came that afternoon, I looked carefully and saw four women and three men already in the bus before I joined, thinking that it was an ordinary bus. Immediately, we passed a police checkpoint, the driver parked the bus by one side of the road and they ordered everybody to alight from the bus. They blindfolded us and the next thing I realised was seeing myself and others in the forest.” She said.

She stated that during her time in captivity, the ritual killers kept moving from one spot to the other when they noticed that security operatives were on their trail.

She then urged the police to raid the area where she escaped from because more victims were still within the forest waiting to be killed and used as ritual sacrifice.

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