Wickedness: Man kills six months pregnant girlfriend and uses the premature baby for rituals

Why is this world so wicked? What will human beings not do for money? How far can they go for money? And what some people are willing to do to get rich quick is simply unbelievable, and so what cause this which happened in Oteri Community in Ughelli North Local Government Area in Delta State, as a 31 year old was arrested for killing his six months pregnant girlfriend and used the premature baby in her womb for rituals.

The girl was a 28 years old from Imo State while the guy is from Ughelli North.

He was arrested by the Police after investigations were linked to him and he confessed after seven hours of torture, and he showed the policemen where he buried the body and the police ordered the digging out of the body and it was seen that her whole stomach was ripped apart.

The wicked guy is still in the police custody awaiting trial but seriously my people, shouldn’t they just release him to the community people and let them burn him alive?

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